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Fleet Management Services

The SecuriShield Solutions’ innovative approach to fleet management ensures that every mobile asset is deployed to yield maximum returns on the investment during its service life and command a worthy sale price upon disposal. Our solutions effectively support fleet security, efficiency, maintenance, finance, and operator compliance. The vehicle security service is duly backed by included services such as the Roadside Assistance service, on-going communications, dedicated round-the-clock customer care, on-site command centre and the next-generation Control Centre and the exciting user interface.

SecuriShield Control Center offers the complete solution needed to manage all activities related to fleet and security operations from dispatch management to driver management with a comprehensive yet easy to use GUI. Get set up and make changes as you grow with just a few mouse clicks. Plus, easily customize the system to work the same way you do.

    Get the information you need, the way you need it without hassle, extra cost, or frustration.
    Use simple permissions to specify who can see which vehicles and groups, while also limiting access to features they truly need.
    Check boxes, radio button and drop-downs make it a snap to use SecuriShield CONTROL CENTER the way you want to without needing help from I.T.
    Don’t worry about installation, maintenance, downloading updates or security. Also, there aren’t any other additional I.T. investments that software requires.

  • Dispatch ManagementOpen or Close

    Our Dispatch Management Module takes the paper out of paperwork: With one or two clicks of the mouse, get your customers the assistance they need in a timely fashion with the least amount of fuel possible. SecuriShield Control Centre provides the ability to manage the dispatch of your fleet in the most efficient manner without any of the associated hassles.
    Control Center has the ability to locate the vehicles that are closest to any job site. With this information, you can ensure jobs are assigned in the most efficient manner possible. In addition, you will know if drivers use vehicles for unauthorized journeys or purposely take extended routes to job sites.
    With proper routing management and effective dispatching, vehicles do not spend as much time travelling between jobs. A shorter travel time means reduced fuel costs and more efficient vehicles. When your dispatch goes digital, you can update last minute changes to job details so your field workers can focus on getting the jobs done and not have to worry about catching up with the paperwork.

      Say goodbye to triplicate work orders that are out of date or lost in the back of a vehicle. With Control Centre, work details will not get lost or forgotten.
      Save time by instantly seeing when a field worker acknowledges and accepts a new job.
      Send Google Maps driving directions to your field workers to help them find the best way to get there.
      From the office to the jobsite or the jobsite to the office, stay in touch with SMS*, email or push notifications.
      No more calling your field workers to find out where they are.

  • Route ManagementOpen or Close

    Route Management Module
    Say goodbye to the missing pieces. Unauthorized deviation from fixed routes is a problem faced by fleet managers all across the globe. Control Center has made this a thing of the past with the introduction of its robust and powerful route management module. Simply map out one or more fixed routes in Control Centre’s intuitive general user interface and assign your drivers/vehicles to the route.

    Gain the unique ability to see a visual and interactive display of vehicle and driver activity so you can watch any trip from start-up to shut down. Also, look at journeys from any date so you’ll know where your drivers spent their time, all the time.

    No longer will you be stuck managing thousands of points of interest by hand. With our patented technology, we’ll automatically identify key locations your drivers visit and categorize them for you. We also provide rankings, vital statistics and stop-by-stop details.

  • Driver ManagementOpen or Close

    A look into Control Centre’s Driver Management Module
    A driver changing vehicles should never lead to an incomplete picture of their driving behaviors. With SecuriShield CONTROL CENTER, you'll never have to worry about which vehicle your driver is using because of our driver monitoring system.

    The ability to schedule your drivers and assign them to vehicles is now possible through control center. This gives you the ability to generate reports that will identify the driver that was assigned to a vehicle when an incident occurred. The driver management module allows you to enter the driver’s complete bio data, photo, etc. and this information is displayed when a vehicle to which a driver has been assigned is selected in the system.

  • Fleet MaintenanceOpen or Close

    Fleet Maintenance Management
    Keep your vehicles on the road longer. Manage fleet maintenance needs by scheduling reminders and getting automatic alerts when your vehicles are due for service. Also, track past services and set alerts to remind your team or your mechanic of service needs on the horizon, whether by date, vehicle mileage or hours of use.

    Vehicles that receive regular maintenance run more efficiently and use less fuel than neglected vehicles. Control Centre System will also allow you to ensure your vehicles receive proper maintenance. Alerts can be set for each vehicle based on calendar time, engine on-time, or mileage depending on the type of service needed. When a vehicle is due for maintenance, you are notified via email or in the reporting suite.

    A proactive vehicle maintenance program can also reduce the chance of your vehicles malfunctioning on the roadways and causing serious accidents. In addition, properly maintained vehicles help save your assets by keeping vehicles on the road to do more business and costing less money in repairs over time.

  • Custom ReportingOpen or Close

    Custom Reporting is better reporting
    Vehicle management reports can make a real impact on ROI. SecuriShield CONTROL Centre’s reports have the unique ability to turn data into useful and actionable information so you know more than just where vehicles were.

    All the tools needed for the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes can be found in SecuriShield Control Center’s highly robust reporting engine. Share reports with other members of your team based on their responsibility in an easy-to-read format so you can quickly scan details that make a difference.

  • Fuel ManagementOpen or Close

    Excessive Fuel Costs are now a Thing of the Past
    Fuel is a necessity for your small or medium business. When gas prices rise unexpectedly, you are stuck with having to pay top dollar for fuel.
    Control Centre can increase vehicle fuel efficiency by identifying where in your fleet there is room for improvement. Once you know where fuel is slipping through the cracks, you can take steps to reduce your fuel costs.

    Control Center can help you reduce fuel costs in several ways:

    Reduce vehicle speed
    Decrease idle times
    Improve routing and dispatching
    Properly maintain vehicles
    Integration with fuel cards
    SecuriShield can help your company spend less on fuel with automatic alerts. Be alerted when your vehicles idle over your set threshold of time, when they are started up outside of work hours, or when they leave a certain area.

  • Fleet Software as a service (SAAS)Open or Close

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  • Vehicle Personal Security ServicesOpen or Close

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  • Value Added ServicesOpen or Close

    SecuriShield Roadside Assistance (SRSA).
    No matter where you’re headed— SRSA Services keep you safe, connected and ready for the road ahead

    The help you need in an emergency
    When Sarah Obidiegwu and her family were in a crash, “SecuriShield Automatic Impact Response” sent help fast, helping them go on to celebrate more special moments together.

    Prepared for the unexpected
    Locked your keys in your car? Don’t remember where you parked? We have you covered with Remote Services. We will also help you find your vehicle should you ever need Stolen Vehicle Assistance or send emergency Roadside Assistance if you are stranded.

    Directions at the touch of a button
    When you are out on the road, SecuriShield helps keep you ready for anything—and able to find your way anywhere with Turn-by-Turn Directions.

    Preventative Maintenance and Repair - Premiernet Auto Care Services
    We offer auto care services through Premiernet, our auto care facility. Premiernet auto repair technicians can perform preventive maintenance and car repair wherever you are. Premiernet offers complete auto care for your vehicle.
    Whether it’s time for your next factory recommended maintenance visit, a routine oil change, new tires, or repair services on your brakes, muffler and exhaust, suspension, air conditioner, or any other mechanical or electrical component of your car, Premiernet is ready to serve you.

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